Pre Kindergarten

A head start for your child.

Border Christian College provides a unique Pre-Kinder program designed to prepare children for school life. Similar to pre-school, with a focus on an enhanced learning experience. Catering for their early developmental needs and providing an enriching, caring Christian environment.

Our Pre-Kinder program enables the children to gain an appreciation for literacy and numeracy; to work as part of a group, to share, cooperate with and listen to others; a capacity to think, investigate and solve problems; as well as feel safe, secure, and accepted. The daily program is designed to meet the needs of the individual, recognising that children develop at different rates. Each experience is provided with a purpose in mind.

We operate on the school grounds within the school schedule allowing your child to become familiar with the daily surroundings, people and routines of school. Your child will receive guidance in the skills and values promoted by and taught at Border Christian College.

This service currently operates Monday to Thursday. Please contact us for more information.