School Values

We at Border Christian College pride ourselves on educating the whole person – spiritually, academically, physically and socially. A big part of this is the character of our school community. We strive to go above and beyond to make attending our school as easy, productive and fun as possible.

Vision Statement

Border Christian College will be a leading Christian educator, developing responsibility, values and integrity; challenging students to excel spiritually, academically, socially and physically.

Mission Statement

Border Christian College seeks to nurture each child in a safe Christian environment educating them for a life of service to God and humanity.

Values Statement

At Border Christian College we value Hope, Discernment, Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Justice, Responsibility and Humility as we seek to develop the whole person.

To foster and promote hope and discernment through:

  • acceptance of Jesus Christ as one’s personal Saviour;
  • a commitment to a lifestyle consistent with Christian values;
  • a desire to serve God and our fellow man;
  • an appreciation of Christian worship and spiritual fellowship.

To foster and promote respect, compassion and justice through:

  • a healthy self-respect based on a knowledge of self-worth in a Christian context;
  • the development of self-control and self-discipline;
  • tolerance of others and a concern for their welfare;
  • acceptance of responsibility for one’s own actions;
  • habits of courtesy, decorum and graciousness.

To foster and promote responsibility and humility through:

  • a recognition that we have a sacred responsibility to care for our physical and mental health;
  • the development of physical capacity by a temperate lifestyle and an abstinence from those habits harmful to health;
  • an awareness of the positive benefits of healthful diet, exercise, rest, leisure, recreation and dress.

To foster and promote excellence and integrity through:

  • a recognition of our responsibility to develop our talents as God-given gifts to be used in service for others;
  • a commitment to excellence through diligent effort;
  • an appreciation of knowledge and faith in harmony with revelation through God’s word;
  • the development of powers of discrimination to select the best and be authentic;
  • the ability to think logically, critically and creatively.

To foster and promote:

  • A commitment to service for humanity as the most fulfilling of life’s expectations;
  • The development of skills that can be used to spread the Gospel of Christ and His soon return;
  • The dignity of labour and a sense of pride in a job well done;
  • The development of skills preparatory to earning a livelihood;
  • The knowledge and skills required to make intelligent vocational choices.

Home & School

Parental Involvement
The Home and School encourage and help to coordinate a strong sense of family and community spirit, involving parents, grandparents, guardians and Border Christian College staff in regular planned school activities and events. The Home and School assist in fundraising projects that directly benefit the students and helps support a healthy vibrant school environment.

Statement of Special Character

Bible-based, Christ-centred, Service-oriented, Kingdom-directed

Becoming, Belonging and Believing


Belonging is an essential element in the life of every individual. Adventist schools foster a sense of belonging to:

  • the family of God by building positive relationships;
  • a safe and attractive learning environment, where individuals are empowered to reach their potential; and
  • a community that provides identity and nurture.


Believing is an individual and intellectual choice that impacts on actions. Adventist schools encourage belief in:

  • Jesus Christ as Redeemer and Lord of our lives;
  • the importance of learning and making positive lifestyle choices; and
  • the value of interdependence and collaboration in building harmonious communities.


Becoming recognises that individuals are continually in a time of growth and development. Adventist schools challenge each person to become:

  • active in discipleship, worship and service for God;
  • learners with skills and values that equip for life; and
  • informed, responsible and compassionate citizens.

For more information on Adventist Schools, please visit the Adventist Schools Australia website.